Taqua Built In Water Filter Tap

Neverfail Plumbing have joined forces with Tauqa, Japan’s best selling Taqua built in water filter tap.

Taqua’s built in water filter tap is the most popular water filter system on the market in Japan. The high quality built in filtration tap comes in two models, both with an extendable hose feature and can easily be switched between normal flow and shower flow.

With Taqua built in water filter tap you can switch between tap water and filtered water by a simple push of a button. Each tap comes with a standard 2 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years by simply registering your product online here.

Taqua T-1

A built-in in filtration sink mixer with ‘eco shower’ – a functional water-saving feature.

It’s designed with a large, easy-to-see colour display window and it’s so easy to operate. Simply press the button on the front of the tap to switch between filtered water and tap water. The ON/OFF indicator lets you know whether filtered or tap water is flowing out. The T-1’s ‘Eco-Shower’ mode allows you to save around 20% more water – which is great news for your home, workplace or café/restaurant. In addition to the product’s ‘normal’ and ‘shower’ flow options, an ‘eco-shower’ flow option has also been added which can be easily activated with the turn of the dial.

Taqua T-3

An easy to use built-in filtration sink mixer with a stylish design.

The Taqua T-3 provides pure, great-tasting filtered water with the push of a button. Simply press the button on the front of the tap to switch between filtered water and tap water. Filtered water is available as a shower spray. Just turn the T-3’s dial to switch between shower and normal flow.

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