Gold Coast Water Efficiency Certificates.

At Never Fail Plumbing Services, we can help manage your Water Efficiency Certificate needs. If you’re a landlord getting ready to rent out your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. One factor is paramount. You’ll need to make sure you can pass on your water consumption costs to your new tenant. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to obtain a Water Efficiency Certificate through a licensed plumber.

What is a water efficiency certificate?

Typically, it’s the real estate agent or landlord’s responsibility to contact a professional plumber to request a Water Efficiency Certificate. The purpose of this important document is to certify the household’s water efficiency rating.

For a plumber to issue a Gold Coast Water Efficiency Certificate, the following conditions must be met:

• The property must be metered individually, or water must be delivered in bulk by a vehicle.
• Shower heads in the rental property will have a maximum rate of flow, set at nine litres per minute.
• All of the rental property’s toilets must be dual flush. The maximum full flush volume must not exceed 6.5 litres, while the maximum half flush volume must not exceed 3.5 litres. On top of this, the average maximum flush volume must not exceed four litres, based on an average of four half flushes and one full flush.
• All internal cold water taps within the rental property (except taps that serve a bath) must not exceed a maximum delivery of nine liters per minute.

If all of these conditions are met successfully, a licensed plumber may issue the landlord with a Water Efficiency Certificate. The landlord will then be able to charge tenants for their water consumption.

If a property isn’t certified as water-efficient, but still metered individually (and it’s stated in the agreement that the tenant must pay for their water), the property manager or owner must contribute a “reasonable amount” of the water consumption costs. In some cases, the tenant will be required to pay for excess charges.

How can I prove water efficiency as a landlord?

Your property may meet the minimum standards for water efficiency certification, but you will need a way to prove this. For the property manager, real estate agent or landlord to prove their property is water efficient, they should provide documents including:

• Plumbing compliance certifications or reports.
• Relevant receipts.
• Product packaging.
• Instruction manuals or warranties for showerheads and taps.

Never Fail Plumbing Services can provide a Water Efficiency Certificate in Queensland

At Never Fail Plumbing Services, our professional, licensed plumbers can perform a water efficiency check at your property, and provide a compliance certificate if all requirements are met. If you’re interested in obtaining a Water Efficiency Certificate in Upper Coomera, contact us today to learn more about our services. Our friendly team will happily attend to your query.

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